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The BIG difference

Sourcing a more effective and efficient supply chain usually delivers immediate cost-saving benefits onto a company’s bottom line. Yet even the most financially beneficial supply chain is flawed if it is not sustainable. At Bold Innovation Group, we do not believe that establishing a supply chain is an isolated business function. As with fundamental economics, supply and demand are almost always codependent. Creating a sustainable supply chain is just as much about ensuring a healthy, growing demand chain as it is about quality manufacturing. By approaching the product life cycle holistically—from conception, to manufacturing, to consumption—our team is able to feed strategic insights across traditionally siloed functions to ensure supply chain benefits are both enduring and wide-reaching.

The breadth of industry exposure behind the team at BIG positions us to provide strategic analysis beyond the supply chain. Our team is so enthusiastic and passionate about the products we work on that we ingrain ourselves in the entire business model. We don’t see our job ending at the end of the production line. As a team, we want to ensure our client’s products make it into the right markets, at the right price points. We get so excited by the opportunities that our market analysis identifies, whether that’s a pivot on the current design or an unaddressed market segment, that we proactively seek to enter into joint ventures with our clients in these pursuits.

  • Comprehensive marketing plans.
  • Business plan analysis and development.
  • Distribution and growth strategies.
  • Fully bespoke financial modelling.

Ultimately, we like to position ourselves as an extension of your team. Let us bring our varied expertise and fresh perspectives to ensure you product is vetted and your marketing, distribution and growth strategies are fully developed. Our goal isn’t to change your product, but to make your product as successful in the market as you originally envisioned. The analysis will typically result in collaborative, open-ended discussions—have you considered X, would you be interested in Y, can you see the potential in Z. BIG simply enjoys providing creative, thought provoking analysis of products and markets; what you do with that analysis is entirely up to you.

Bold Innovation Group